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New York’s leading research, academic and media organizations use Transcript Divas for their Transcription Services.  Not only are we the most affordable transcription service in the New York area, we are also the only U.S. Transcription Service to offer a 200% guarantee on our timelines and accuracy.

Transcript Divas are No Risk We provide a 200% guarantee on  both deadline and accuracy.
Affordable Transcription Prices: Currently (Apr. 2014)  we rank #1  for having the lowest prices for a U.S. based service.


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Our Guarantee.



We guarantee to complete your transcripts accurately AND within the quoted deadline –

if not, we will refund the cost AND provide you an equivalent time credit.

It’s our 200% guarantee (more info).




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Academic Transcription Services

Transcript Divas are preferred providers for some of the largest universities in the United States. We also provide discounted rates for academic research programs.  READ: Academic Transcription Services

Transcription Rates

We have recently completed a review of the Top 10 Transcription Services and have found transcription prices at Transcript Divas to be right at the top of the list. Go Divas! READ: Where to find Cheap Transcription Services

Transcription Jobs

We currently have a number of transcription jobs available at Transcript Divas (NY) for experienced transcriptionists, who are US based native  English speakers. READ: Transcription Employment



~ The Divas’ News ~

November 2013: Australian based Transcription Divas!

The Diva Transcription team in Australia is making headway in the past few months with a closed captioning service . For the best rates in Australia that come with the standard Diva 200% gurantee on accuracy and deadlines VISIT: Transcript Divas Transcription Services Australia

September 2013: Recording Equipment for Interviews, Focus groups

A few recommendations on what equipment is needed to record interviews and focus groups, as well as conferences. Also includes some handy tips on setup  and control of the recording environment. READ: Transcription Recording Equipment

January 2013: Establishing Informed Consent.

Welcoming in the new year is our blog focusing on best practices towards informed consent. READ: Interviews and Informed Consent Forms. 

December 2012: 4 Steps to landing a transcription job.

Our latest blog update tackles a common question we receive from people trying to find out how to start as a transcriptionist. How do I get my first transcription job? Our HR department has put together a great little 4-step process that will put you on the right track . READ: 4 Steps to finding work as a transcriptionist.