How we work with Production Teams

We take the time to get to know your business.
Production is a team game. We are on your team.
Our key focus is to support the production process to our fullest extent.
If there is a ‘team player of the day’ award – we are going for it!


Deadline. Guaranteed.

We know keeping to the schedule is essential. There are large film crews, expensive gear and client expectations to manage. We we will deliver on time.


B-roll. No b-roll. Only the interview answers? Just call us to talk through what you need, or send us an example format we can follow (there is a place to attach one on the order form).


Custom Timecode.

We can use both “burnt -in” time code or code from the elapsed time. We realise that some production teams use different software, and some editors like things done a certain way. No problem. Just insert your custom format, and requirement on the order form under timecode.

Look at me! I catch peoples’ attention nicely.