Right The First Time Academic Transcription Services.

Tired of faceless transcription services? Tired of error-laden transcripts, produced by underpaid novice typists? Tired of pay upfront cultures and 20-minute ‘on-hold marathons’?  Get a fully human-based, personalized service, at a price that fits the budget, all with a 200% guarantee.

Academic Transcription Services

Transcript Divas academic transcription services have been lead providers to top American universities for the past five years. We have completed large projects for nearly all of the larger academic institutions in the United States.

Transcript Divas are preferred providers of Academic Transcription Services to some of the largest universities in the United States. We transcribe projects for both faculty staff and students from NYU, MIT, Columbia University, and Johns Hopkins to name a few. As well as, New SchoolCornellUniversity of PennsylvaniaCalifornia Institute of TechnologyDuke UniversityDartmouth College and Georgetown. To name some more.

Right – first time. Spend less time correcting errors and more time on actual research. We only use highly experienced real human typists, start to finish. We do not use automated or software driven transcription, or unskilled novice typists. Your transcription team will be living and breathing humans. Professional typists with years of experience. Around here, we take ‘getting it right the first time’ pretty seriously. We are the only transcription service to offer a 200% accuracy guarantee.

Transcripts Tailored to you. Leave the formatting to us. Upload custom transcript templates. Indicate specific transcript preferences and be assigned your very own personal project manager. Your Project Manager (who will actually recognize your name and project when you call), will work alongside you to ensure your transcripts arrive, just the way you want them. No more tweaking and reformatting. We are here to help you get your project done, not just tick a box. 

Low Hassle Confidentiality Agreements. Based on extensive experience working with University ethics approval, we have developed a Transcription Confidentiality Agreement that aligns with most ethics approval requirements. No more back and forth with your department trying to get approval, or trying to get an agreement signed off some admin team at a faceless transcription service. You can download our agreement (see: view & right click “save as”), or we can sign off on yours very quickly (just attach it to your quote or order form). 

Be ethical ‘Living Wage’ committed. We are super active in keeping our costs down for clients. We are also super committed to our team and providing them fair pay for the awesome work they deliver. You can find lower priced services, but we are the lowest priced service that is supporting a living wage and not just the minimum requirement (whats the living wage? why is it important?).

No need to pay upfront. Easy University invoiced based payment. We will invoice your department directly. We have processed our invoices through a lot of different university departments. 

Academic discounts

We are keen to widen our work with Academic projects. Talk to us about how we can fit into your transcription budget. To qualify for our discounted academic rate, projects must; 

  • be longer than 4 hours (240 mins),
  • be required in no less than 14 business days,
  • be using a university-based contact email address.

University invoiced based payment. No need to pay online or upfront. We will invoice your department directly. We have directly invoiced a lot of different university departments, hundreds of times. 

Don’t know where to start? No problem.
Our local project manager can walk you through the options.
We are on your team – give us a call.

Transcript Divas are trusted, reliable, American based and can provide a 200% guarantee on both timelines and accuracy. No other transcription service in North America stands behind their service like we do.

  • Signed university-approved confidentiality and ethics agreements – you can download our agreement or upload yours for us to sign on the order form.
  • Vast experience in dealing with American University based finance and grant processes – we send invoices after the project is completed (not before). No need to pay upfront.
  • American based Secure Infrastructure – no outsourcing to developing countries, American data hosting. We abide and are accountable to US privacy and confidentiality law.