Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

What is an NDA/Confidentiality Agreement?

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Confidentiality Agreement are used interchangeably. They both refer to agreements about how to share sensitive information safely. These agreements ensure that the person or organization who is provided access to sensitive information doesn’t disclose it to a third party. In transcription, this means your recordings are not shared on the ‘cloud’, including transferred onto ‘AI’ driven automated speech-to-text software, or stored offshore to be worked on by non-USA based teams.

Why this NDA?

We have chosen to use this NDA to maximize transparency and trust in our security and confidentiality processes. It is a United States relevant contract developed by a neutral authoritative party, that is, Delaware State (not a lawyer employed by us trying to protect our position). Delaware State was chosen as Delaware is where the company is registered.

The Delaware Department of Justice uses this same NDA to engage transcription services (see: Delaware Gov. Transcription NDA).

We have chosen to replace some broad terms referring to security processes, to detail the security measures we actually employ to protect client information. That is, we encrypt client data in transit and at rest/in storage, we delete client recordings and transcripts after 60 days, we lock our systems down with two-factor authentication where possible, we use strong passwords, and each team member signs and is bound to a similar NDA agreement as the one below.

Can you sign our NDA?

No problem. We are happy to review and sign your agreements. Simply email the agreement to and we will get it signed and back to you ASAP.

Duration – The NDA is valid for Three (3) years of service.

This agreement covers clients for three years of transcription projects with us (that is, you only need to fill one in every three (3) years. You don’t need to fill one in every time you make an order – just one every three years). We are bound to protect the actual data – indefinitely.

How to sign the agreement.

  • Download the PDF – click the big DOWNLOAD button at the bottom.
  • Fill & Sign – Open the PDF on your desktop, and fill the parts marked in yellow (if you don’t have an e-signature setup, you can use the free and trusted Adobe online signature service here).
  • Upload – Upload the signed document to the order page.
  • Done.
  • NOTE: If the agreement does not accompany the order or is emailed to us before the data is provided, then no agreement is in place. You cannot create an agreement after the order has been confirmed.