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Jamie, the Project Manager at Transcript Divas shares a few tips on how to place a quote (or an order), quickly and without any issues.

  • Calculate recording length.
  • Fast turnarounds.
  • Multiple speakers.
  • Recording quality.

Transcription Quote Form

  • Please estimate to the nearest minute. We will invoice based on the actual minutes & seconds of recording we transcribe. If there is a large difference between your estimated length and the real length, we will contact you.
  • Poor quality recordings will need more resources to help create a better quality transcript. This is why the rates are higher.
  • Time codes are inserted at the start of each response (interviews), or every 60 seconds (monologues or groups).
  • Standard "intelligent" Verbatim: concise, more like a written English.
    Strict Verbatim: reflects more spoken English - includes ums, ers, repetition etc. (mostly used only in certain types of research).
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FAQ: Transcription quotes.

Some of the more common questions get asked about our quotes.

How much is a transcription service?

The cost of our transcription service is determined by two factors. Turnaround time and how difficult it will be to transcribe the project.
Turnaround time – the faster the turnaround the more we have to prioritize your project over others.
Project Difficulty – how long a project can take is influenced by a range of factors including how many people are talking and how hard it is to hear what they are saying.

What is the average cost of a transcription service?

The rates charged for a transcription service largely reflect the amount of correction and editing the final product will need to be accurate. There are three common methods used to create a transcript with varying degrees of extra time needed. Use USA based professional typists, send the work overseas to English as second language typists, or use an automated computer program.

USA based Professional Typists (least errors, highest cost). Transcript Divas falls into this category. Our team is hand-selected from English as a first language, USA based professionals. Most of our team comes from either a legal or medical secretary background (thus possessing a lot of transcribing experience), or from a more technical closed captioning film and video background.

Automated Computer based transcription (lowest cost, the highest number of errors). Often needing a lot of investment to correct, these transcription services use computer programs to automatically transcribe a recording. Therefore with no actual people to pay, these services are relatively cheap compared to human based transcription. However, AI-based transcription does tend to have a high rate of error, with the client having to invest a lot of time correcting patchy transcript accuracy, formatting, and punctuation.

English as a second language workforce (low cost, a high number of errors). Some companies are set up in the USA, but will use transcriptionists from developing countries to complete your project. Although this results in lower costs – once again the accuracy of the transcript can leave a lot to be desired. If you have ever learned another language, different accents, slang, and technical terms can really affect comprehension. Security and confidentiality agreements also raise some issues here. As it is difficult to enforce law internationally, a lot of university ethics and corporate data-sharing agreements do not allow information out of the country.