We have the cheapest rates for a Human Transcription Service on the East Coast.

Transcript Divas competitive review in May 2020 put us at no 1. in having the lowest rates on the East Coast – including NYC, New York State, and Washington DC areas.

Found a lower rate: Email the quote to Andrew (that is me in the photo) and we will see if we can beat it (accounts@transcriptdivas.com).

USA University: Then have a look at our Academic Discount.

USA Charity: We are doing a lot of sponsorship at the present and looking at ways we can support our community at this time. Get in touch, email Andrew (accounts@transcriptdivas.com).

Transcription Rates

Use our quote form to calculate your total project cost, then email the quote to yourself to lock in rates for 30 days. No hidden or extra charges and no surprises. A 200% guarantee on the accuracy and meeting the deadline is included with all clearly recorded orders.

BASIC Transcription Rates.

Transcription rates at Transcript Divas are dependent on two things, turnaround time and difficulty.

Turnaround Time: The faster the turnaround, the more the Divas have to shuffle workaround, and stay up late. Hence, the higher “red-eye” price for faster turnaround.

Difficulty Rates: Several factors, detailed on the quote and order forms, add to the basic turnaround time-based rates. These factors (e.g. more than 2 people talking, unclear recordings etc.) increase the time we need to transcribe a recording.

Turnaround TimeBASIC Rate/Minute
10 Business Days$1.00
5 Business Days$1.30
3 Business Days$1.40
2 Business Days$1.50
1 Business Day$1.80
Same Business Day$2.00
Live/Real Time$3.50